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India's own Love Calculator!

In India there is traditional matchmaking, there is modern matchmaking, and then there is online matchmaking, the greatest of which is The Love Calculator! What could be faster or more convenient than simply entering your name and the name of your lover into the calculator and hitting the button to reveal your desiny?

Who wouldn't want a great love like that of Rama and Sita? Talk about incredible love compatibility, these two were destined to be together, and when trouble came their way, they persevered and overcame all adversity. Do you have a demon King Ravana in your life? Maybe a very attractive (but fake and shallow) person is trying to steal your love away from you? Now, seeing as it is the 21st century, you probably shouldn't shoot your Ravana through the heart with a bow and arrow, maybe just unfriend on Facebook and unfollow on Instagram! Perhaps your best friend is like Hanuman, the flying monkey King, and will help you win the love of your life, by putting in a good word for you!

Just remember, The Love Calculator is just for fun, don't take it seriously and believe the love score really means anything. Finding true love is a bit more complicated than a simple score out of 100!